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By subscribing to a mailing list, contacting Sandhansen Coaching, booking or buying a product or service, personal information will be stored for the purpose of serving you with information, advertising and offers. It will include Name, Surname, Messages sent, email, phone number, buying history and ip-address. 

By booking a coaching session either free or paid for, the frequency and duration of the coaching will be logged for the sake of the further development and education of the coach.

By ordering a coaching session, a Coachingrelationship or service you will be billed according to the pre agreed price. If the payment is not made in time the coachingrelationship will end immediately.

The coach and or coaching is not giving any promise to the Focusperson that he/she will experience the desired result. Since a lot of the effect of any coaching is the result of the work, but limited to, the Focusperson does in and between the sessions. The coach is not a psychologist or a physician so expectations for a diagnosis or the related can not be expected. The Focusperson is agreeing with and understanding that any stories, suggestions and advices is voluntary and followed by own will and risc. 

The Focusperson agrees with that any person is affected by their worldview and will in relation with other people inevitable interact in regard to that. That being humanistic, new age, utopianism, biblical christianity or others. And agrees with that the coach is having a Biblical Christian worldview.


By partaking in a Coachingsession the person is agreeing with that notes is made, recorded and kept for the sake of rightly follow up of the person in future sessions. These materials can be requested for viewing or deleted at any time.

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