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You have a dream. It is very big. It wants to do a difference for the people involved in the dream. Because it is a dream that wants to change the world. It is a bold dream that you never have told anyone before or just a few anyway. Think: If it just had been possible...

Before the dream was more a live, but now has the everyday chores taken the focus. Now you are busy with job, family, getting the kids off to school and activities. What groceries do we need for dinner? Where to go for the holidays? What to do with the car that needs repair? And then there was the garden that really needs to be done something with before it looks like a jungle.

The dream has been put on hold or simply not been prioritized.

The dream is still there. Not so easy to find right now. It might be hidden under a smaller dream that you have settled with. You need to dig deep. And when you dare to do that, there is still a small hope of the dream come true. One day... if just. Then there is all these hindering in the way. For that to happen, then this thing needs to fall into place. And this needs to be ready. Not to speak of that I need this person to help me.

It is not meant that you shall manage to fulfill your dream all by yourself. It is like that with big dreams. They need that someone is coming along towards the fulfillment. That is what big dreams do: they attract people that want to join in making a difference. You are not alone. There is 1000s of people that all has their unreleased dreams and longs to make a difference. Maybe your dream is what's needed for them to enter theirs?

I also have a dream. It is very big. It will make a difference for many people when it gets to unfold. It is bold dream because it does not just involve me. It is a dream that involves you! It is a dream about getting permission to take you high above all the challenges, problems and hinders and together look upon the dream from there.

What is possible now?

It is a dream to be allowed to challenge you to be aware your dream. It is a dream to be allowed to hear what your dream is and see what happens when a confidential person believes 100% that your dream it possible to be fulfilled. It is a dream to get to see that you change the world. Because when you change the world, my dream becomes a dream that changes the world.

It is not that easy to write fully what coaching can do for you, but it can give you a good impression of one of the aspects of what it can do.

The easiest and what I wish more than anything is to be allowed to give you an experience of what coaching is.

Get in touch and we will find out if coaching is a match for you.


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