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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

One aspect of coaching is to learn to move to your edge of your comfort zone and in to your challenge zone. This is where we are strengthen, developed and experiencing that we can do more than what we thought possible.

Even months after I did this video and saw it again I got a highly increased pulse:

The point is that I properly wouldn't have been able to do this without the support I got througt the Live FB friends and the guys that fortunately for me was present.

What do you want to do, but need support in doing?


Hello everybody

I understand that I have some non-Norwegian friends as well so I will do this video in English.

Well my summer holiday is over, and I hope you had a good one.

But actually, this day is really nice here. It's like one day of summer right in between all the rain and the wind and clouds.

So, I thought I wanted to do another video. And in this one I want to talk a little about

The Comfort Zone.

And I will try my best to illustrate this afterwards.

The thing is that with the comfort zone is that it is where you normally spend your life in.

It Is where you are comfortable, you don’t get pushed to much, you don’t’ feel unsecure. A little bit nervous and you are not afraid.

Let me try to illustrate this one.

Hello Chiprian, glad you joined me.

I’m just going to turn the camera around.

This is the view and the beach. I hope you can hear me despite of the wind.

So the comfort zone is where you are the most. It’s nice to be here, you are standing and it’ very nice.

On the edge of your comfort zone is where you are being challenged. If you are being pushed out to be here you are being pushed a little bit, but not to much. That is where we are able to improve our self’s, able to go a little bit further and to develop our self’s.

So, this is where I would like to push you to In my coaching. To move you out here where you are being challenged to do some things you are not 100% comfortable with. But you are moved to do some things you might not think possible at first.

There is another circle here, but this zone I call the panic-zone. Because if you are being pushed to far out there, man you just panic. And that’s the thing, you don’t really want to be there. Because that’s where you don’t do anything. You freeze up, you don’t dare to do what you are supposed to do. So we don’t want to push you all the way out there.

But we want you just past your comfort zone and that is what I am going to try to illustrate now.

I am a bit afraid of heights. Okay bit more than average afraid of heights. I sort of feel it in my legs when I am doing something up there that is up high. So, it is a wonder that I did some crazy things before. What I thought about doing now is to give you an example of me stepping out of my comfort zone. I have never ever jumped that high before. But that is what I am planning on doing now. So, what I’m planning to go up on the 10m (32,8 feet) and jump from there. I hope you will join me, back me up a bit because this can be a bit scary.

Ok just come along a I hope I’ll get some backing up while I’m doing this.

3 meters

5 Meters I have been told that you shouldn’t go to the edge and look down before you do it.

7 Meters.

This is really high. But I guess it wouldn’t really be a challenge if I didn’t do that. This is 7 meters and my goal was to go on the 10 meters and to let you guys be with me. Oh this is far down and I have to go up there. There are already some guys sitting there. Ok, let’s just see. This is freaking high.

I’m just going to ask these guys to… “hi guys, I planned to jump from here, but I wouldn’t mind some backing up because I’m a bit afraid of heights.” - Then you just jump and regret in the air. -Maybe that is the solution. Thank you. I have some Facebook friends with me. What I’m going to do is to stuff this phone into a waterproof cover and hope it will hold proof and then you’ll join me in this adventure… hopefully if this is not taking me beyond my challenge zone and into my panic-zone. That might happen. We’ll see.

I will now put the cover on so you might not hear me after. So much. Thank you Ciprian – Common You can do it. -Thank you. Se you on the other side, hopefully.

-have you jumped? – yes, but not here. -Just pretend as if you are not jumping, but then you are. -just run very fast, and the you just jump. -and then don’t land on your belly. Land on your legs. – okay -wave be goodbye. -you can do this. – good luck - YEAAAH -that was majestic. Good job!

Oh goodness, that was crazy. Man that was far down. Thank you very much guys for the backup. And thank you for watching. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without those guys supporting me up there. That was crazy I’ve never done that before. Don’t ever do that 😊 OK thank you see you next time. Good bye.


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