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Get more out of life

Do you want to release your creativity, maximise your potential or be able to achieve your life goals? Sandhansen Coaching gives you a push in the right direction.

Rasmus Sand Hansen is a trained coach with a diploma from the Coaching Academy in Oslo, a programme approved by the International Coaching Federation, and has set up his own consultancy Sandhansen Coaching. His motto is ultimately to help people get more out of life. “No matter where you are, you can always be more fulfilled,” he says. “Regardless of what your challenge or dream is, coaching can help you in that.”

According to Sand Hansen, a coach can drive the process and make it easier for people to get useful insights into their own lives and realize their ambitions. “It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everyday chores,” he says. “Coaching can help people see where they are today and what they need to do in order to get to the next level. Looking at their core values, what really makes them tick, can make those difficult life choices easier, to live better and be happier.”

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